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ADD, attention deficit disorder

ADHD, attention deficit hyperactive disorder

Bipolar Disorder,

ODD - oppositional defiant disorder

OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder

Asperger's Sybdrome

Treating Children, Teenagers, and Adults 

Drug-Free Psych Experts are carefully selected child-behavior experts specifically trained in Dr. David Stein's award-winning Caregiver's Skills Program (CSP) for children, ages 2 to 12, and the Real Economy System for Teens, The REST Program, for ages 13 to 17.

We treat in the Washington, DC area, and anywhere in USA by computer Skype.  Main office in Alexandria, VA.

No Drugs or Diagnoses Needed

We help parents help their children overcome behavioral and learning problems at home and at school, without psychological diagnoses or medications.  However, do not discontinue your child's drugs without a physician's guidance.  

We Fix the Behaviors and then the Diagnoses Disappear!

The CSP and REST programs are based on well-established scientific principles of behavior and learning, and are easy to learn and use.  Dr. Dave's CSP and REST programs have won numerous awards and honors.  


You will need to to use one of Dr. Dave's books for the guidelines needed for you to use with your child or teen.  You can find his books at most bookstores, or you can order them from www.amazon.com or www.barnes and noble.com. His books have been best-sellers, they have been translated into several foreign languages, and are used around the world.

For children 2 to 12, use one of the following books to learn the CSP:

Unraveling the ADD/ADHD Fiasco: Successul Parenting Without Drugs 


The Ritalin Is Not the Answer Action Guide: An Interactive Compaignon to the Bestselling ADD/ADHD Parenting Program

For teens 13 to 17, use:

Stop Medicating/Start Parenting: Real Solutions for Your Problem Teenager

Myth Busting

You are in for many surprises.  You probably located this site because nothing else you tried worked, which may include taking your child or teen to therapists or you tried the recommendations from other books.  What you learn here works and it does not take long to see results, within the first week or two.

1.  Why No Diagnosis: No evidence exists that proves most child or teen diagnoses are diseases.  This includes ADD, attention deficit disorder, ADHD, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, ODD, oppositional defiance disorder, and Bi-polar disorder.  The autistic and related disorders are rarely accurate and usually do not fulfill the diagnostic guidelines.

2.  Why No Psychological Tests: No psychological test exists to make these diagnoses.  The diagnoses are usually based on the checklist that parents are given in the waiting room while waiting for their child to be given a battery of tests. Save your money. Parents are now paying between $2 to $12 thousand dollars for a worthless battery of psychological tests.

3.  Why No Medical Tests: No medical test exist for making these diagnoses: no PET scan, no CT scan, no MRI, no blood tests, and no urine tests. Ask any radiologist if you like.

4.  Why No Chemical Imbalance: There is no chemical imbalance.  Ask your doctor to show you where on the lab tests does it show a chemical imbalance.  

5.  Be Careful When Selecting a Psychologist or Psychiatrist:  Too many psychologists and psychiatrists are not necessarily trained well to handle children's and teen's problems, even those claiming to be child and adolscent specialists. Behavioral programs that they may recommend, or that are found in other books, usually do not produce lasting results, but the CSP and REST programs do make lasting changes.  That is why they have won so many awards.  The battery of Psychological Tests are too often inaccurate and are often an expensive waste of time and money: Costing between $1, 500.00 to $12,000.00.

6.  Why do the CSP and REST Results last?  The answer is easy.  It is because you, the parents are being trained to work with your own child or teen.  Remember the CSP and REST methods are based on award winning scientific resaearch.  As long as you apply the methods so too will the results remain.

7.  If You Want an Experts Direct Help - Call:

Dr. Dave directly 804.837.8071 or drdavestein@gmail.com  

We see families from all over the USA, and in other counties, either at our Alexandria, VA office or on-line computer using Skype.  All of our experts are highly qualified. 

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