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Effective Parenting: THE CSP Caregivers' Skills Program
Time Length: 6 hours, time provided for lunch and breaks
Appropriate Audience:  Parents, Teachers, School Counselors, Physicians, and all
Mental Health Professionals

Content: If you want realistic, sensible, and easy to master parenting skills, then this is the workshop for you. This is a how-to workshop. Everything you learn is based on sound scientific research, and represents Dr. Dave’s thirty years as a professor, a clinician, writer, and speaker. 
What you will learn in this workshop really works for raising happy, independent, and constructive children. Dr. Dave not only presents and in-depth coverage of the Caregivers’ Skills Program, CSP, he also will teach you how to develop a deeply communicative and loving relationship with your child. You will learn how to instill deep, spiritual values in your child that will sustain him or her for a lifetime.

You will learn:

 What are realistic expectations for children’s behaviors.
• How to develop children’s desired behaviors.
• How to have a well-mannered and respectful child.
• How to discipline effectively.
• How to communicate with your child.
• How to get your child to succeed in school.
• The ten most important values to teach children.
• How to instill a love for learning and reading in your child.
• How to have a close and loving relationship as prevention for teen problems.
• How to make certain that your child interacts with the kind of peer group that will nurture and support his or her best values.

When you complete this workshop you will feel secure that you are an excellent parent, and well on your way to having a healthy, loving, and happy child. You will feel confidence in yourself as a parent.
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